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Terms and conditions


  • A 50% deposit is required when placing an order.

  • New dress purchase orders can be cancelled within 14 days after deposit paid (Not including sample sale) and the deposit will be fully refund. Rush orders and hire orders cannot be cancelled after being placed with the manufacturers when you then become liable for the total cost of the gown even if your wedding is cancelled for whatever reason.

  • Goods are supplied in a standard size. When the measurements are taken it is for the purpose of ordering the nearest correct size.

  • All accessories must be paid for at the time of ordering and once delivered there is no refund policy unless goods are damaged or not what you have ordered.

  • When your gown arrives, we immediately telephone you and ask you to come in to check your gown within 3 days of its arrival. In the unusual event of there being a problem with your gown, we are only given 7 days from date of delivery to return it to the manufacturers. The balance payment is also to be paid in full at that time even if an ordered gown comes in earlier than scheduled. A delay in payment may result in interest being charged.

  • The balance must be paid before fittings with the seamstress can take place. 

  • We take  no  responsibility  for a  gown  not  fitting due to  extreme  weight  loss,  pregnancy,  or any circumstances beyond our control after the date of order or purchase.

  • In the event of your wedding being postponed, cancelled or you simply changing your mind about an ordered gown the balance must still be paid in full and the goods collected.

  • Sample sale gowns are "bought as seen" and there is no return, refund or exchange. The gown must be paid for in full at the time of purchase and funds cleared before the gown can be taken.

  • Colours and trimmings may differ slightly from the sample gowns in stock due to dye variations in differing rolls of fabrics and shadings in natural fabrics such as silks. There is no way constitute a defend nor is The Wedding Wardrobe to be held at fault.

  • Delivery dates are only an estimate. Our manufacturers work to wedding dates and will only guarantee delivery before your wedding date.

  • We cannot be held responsible for the condition of the gown once it has left out premises or if it is taken to another seamstress of the client's choice for alterations or dry clean

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